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Meet the elite private coaches, for those who choose to push their limits. Find your ally, the person who encourages you in all your workouts and helps you reach your weight loss or healthy weight loss goals.

François Preece

Founder, Owner, and Head Coach

François discovered weight training at the University of Ottawa in 1998, because he found it difficult to keep up with his sports team’s training schedule, while managing his busy work and school schedules. Strength training has helped her stay fit and healthy, while allowing her to manage her studies and work effectively.
After graduation, he decided to start a career in personal training. He had finally found his passion! He instantly fell in love with the industry and made it a top priority to learn as much as he could from various sources. This allowed him to improve his weaknesses as a coach and to perfect his knowledge.

François now holds over 40 certificates in fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance and nutrition, which allows him to issue insurance receipts as a Naturotherapist.
As the owner & founder of Elite Coaching, he has meticulously crafted his approach, based on over 19 years of experience as a certified personal trainer, as well as a trial-and-error method for all of his clients to achieve their objectives, giving them all the tools they need to succeed with guaranteed results.

François is also a training instructor for the Poliquin Group for Canada, which was once the business of his mentor Charles R. Poliquin, who passed away a few years ago. François is honored to work with the “Poliquin Group” team to pass on the knowledge he acquired from this mentor and to continue Charles’ mission to improve the level of private training worldwide. Poliquin International Certification Program Levels 1 and 2 were recently conducted at Elite Coaching with coaches and personal trainers from across the country with great success.

Not only does François strive to make Elite Coaching the best private training center in Canada, but he also understands the importance of raising the standards of the personal training industry as a whole in order to better serve clients, and also to improve the recognition of private training as a successful career path. Improving the industry facilitates part of its mission, which is to enable clients to reach their full potential in healthy ways through education and coaching by promoting long-term health solutions. These improvements put the industry in a better position to help more people live healthier lives, look good, feel proud, and improve their cognitive and physical performance.

François with his athlete Alexandre Gbaguidi, a sprinter, for the next World Masters Championships with the aim of putting his athlete on the podium. The photo shows gold medals won in the 60m and 200m sprints for the Quebec and Ontario provincial championships.


PICP Level 3 (Poliquin International Certification Program) Strength & Conditioning Specialist Poliquin Certified (in progress – national level),

Trainer certified PICP 2 Strength & Conditioning Specialist Poliquin Certified (provincial level),

Big Cut Strong – Thibarmy, Sleep Issues; from Theory to Practice – Designs For Health/Christian Maurice,

The Art of General Population Transformations – Clean Health, Advanced Strategies to Program Design Level 1 – KILO Strength Society, Exercise Kinesiology & Biomechanics seminar – Strength Sensei

Advanced Strength Program Design – Strength Sensei, Fat Loss Bootcamp seminar – Strength Sensei,

Cutting Edge Training Methodology in Hypertrophy – Strength Sensei, Cutting Edge Training Methodology for Achieving Optimal Body Composition – Strength Sensei, personal training (ANIE, CSEP, Can-Fit-Pro, ATP), Metabolic Analytics – Strength Sensei (module 2 – Adrenal & Gut Health),

Metabolic Analytics – Strength Sensei (module 1), BioSignature (Poliquin – Level 2), PIMST & FAT Tool (Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques, & Fascial Abrasion Technique)

Kickboxing (Fitness Kickboxing Canada – level 3 ultimate instructor, ISKA),

Olympic boxing (NCCP),

Sport nutrition (ANIE),

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP),

Functional rehabilitation (ATP) and other specialized trainings (ANIE),

General BA (Human Kinetics & Business) University of Ottawa.

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

Julie Beauregard

Elite Master Coach, Coach Development Assistant

Julie started weight training at the age of 19. Aware of the benefits and results on her body, she quickly found a passion and a way to exceed her own limits in this sport. In 2012, the owner of the gym where she trained approached her with the suggestion to enter fitness competitions, which she decided to do soon after and began preparations to compete in the “Hope Cup” – bikini category – in 2013, and in the 127th edition of the IDFA – figure / novice category – in 2017, where she won first place. Since her debut at Elite Coaching, Julie has been trained and mentored by François Preece. She aspires to help others excel through her greatest passion. She wants to help people achieve their goals and improve their physical and mental health.


PICP Level 1 (Poliquin International Certification Program) Strength & Conditioning Specialist Poliquin Certified (regional level),

Advanced weight training methods – YMCA workshop,

What happens with abdominal muscles during pregnancy? – YMCA workshop,

Big Cut Strong – Thibarmy,

Yoga for Back Health – YMCA workshop,

Sports Nutrition Lvl. I – Export coach,

Advanced client evaluation – Elite Coaching, Skin Fold ECourse – Mark Ottobre (Wolfpack)

Personal Training Certification YMCA

Fat loss program design course

Formation KILO – Emotional eating Certification YMCA

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

Simon Delquignies

Elite Senior Coach

Simon has been involved in various sports since his childhood but he found his true love in the form of Muay Thai Kickboxing. He dedicated himself to his passion and eventually brought it to the professional level. He realized how much he enjoyed sharing his passion not only for Muay Thai but for the sport in general. As a result, he decided to study to become a private trainer, which greatly expanded his views and knowledge of training and recently took a deep interest in strength training.

For the past 10 years, he has been a coach in Australia, France and Canada.
Since his debut at Elite Coaching, Simon has been trained and mentored by François Preece.

Simon’s passion will motivate you and he will coach you to help you reach your goals.


PICP Level 2 (Poliquin International Certification Program) Strength & Conditioning Specialist Poliquin Certified (provincial level),

Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training at the Royal Melbourne University

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

Félix Cusson

Elite Coach

Félix has been a sports enthusiast since he was young. From the age of 16, he developed a growing interest in bodybuilding to gain self-confidence. Over time, he realized that training is more than just about looking good, it’s also about developing a healthy lifestyle to feel good mentally and physically.

Her determination, positivism, and love for the sport is contagious. This is why Felix wants to share his passion with others and has decided to develop his personal training career at Elite Coaching. His motivation and zest for life will not only help you develop your full potential, but also help you appreciate the effort you put in to get there.


Academy of Fitness Trainers Level 3

Academy of Nutrition Trainers Level 3

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

Fat loss with a Holistic Approach Seminar – Thibarmy and Strength Sensei

Megan Birch

Elite Coach

Megan has always had a passion for physical activity. As a child, she participated in various sports and constantly sought new exercise methods. Through her involvement in several sports teams, including her high school hockey team, she quickly discovered the value of physical activity. She began training in a gym thanks to her team, and she immediately fell in love with its many benefits. Training helped her grasp the importance of commitment and discipline to realize her full potential and assist others in doing the same. She was obsessed with how it made her feel.

Over time, her perspective broadened, and she began to fully focus on health-related aspects, including everything related to lifestyle, nutrition, and the psychological and physical benefits of weight training. Through personal coaching, she aims to support others in discovering long-term strategies to be healthier and become the best version of themselves.


Private Fitness Trainer Certification – Physical Conditioning at YMCA

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

Fat loss with a Holistic Approach Seminar – Thibarmy and Strength Sensei

Tristan Nadeau-Ostiguy

Elite Coach

Tristan embarked on his training journey at the age of 20 due to an injury. During his recovery period, he discovered a genuine passion for sports and fitness. This passion led him to dedicate eight consecutive years to his training. His interest and dedication to the fitness world eventually caught the attention of the gym owner where he trained, leading to him being mentored and guided by the owner.

Today, Tristan takes pride in sharing his passion and knowledge about training to help others achieve their fitness goals.


Ataraxia CPEP-1

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

Fat loss with a Holistic Approach Seminar – Thibarmy and Strength Sensei

Tiziano Pedinielli

Elite Coach

Originally not very sporty, Tiziano discovered a passion for physical activity after a bet with one of his school teachers. He started with martial arts and quickly found pleasure in physical exertion.

At the age of 16, he realized that to gain strength and confidence, he needed to engage in weight training. He was fortunate to be mentored by two former bodybuilding champions who instilled in him a true passion for training.

Several years later, Tiziano became a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach and participated in international competitions. Simultaneously, he continued weight training not only to enhance his performances but also to prevent injuries.

To deepen his knowledge, he underwent training with the French Federation of Bodybuilding and Weightlifting, subsequently becoming a sports coach at a highly respected martial arts gym in Europe. His genuine passion lies in imparting his knowledge and helping others become the best version of themselves through sports.



BP JEPS (Professional Certificate in Sport) with a focus on “Fitness Activities”: French Federation of Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

Federal Diploma in “Functional Bodybuilding”: French Federation of Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

Professional Certification in “Bodyweight Strength Training Coach”: French Federation of Bodybuilding and Weightlifting

Federal Diploma in “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach”: French Federation of Judo and Associated Sports

Body Transformation Seminar – Elemental with Christian Maurice

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