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How do our personal training sessions work?

Elite Coaching will create a personalized training plan and nutrition program based on an assessment of your body composition, lifestyle, eating habits and movement abilities.

During your first appointment, Elite Coaching will guide you through your nutrition and lifestyle assessment (60 min). Your analysis will consist of measuring your body fat using the < BioSignature > system, Coach Charles Poliquin’s innovation to improve body composition quickly, efficiently and safely.

We will measure 12 body fat sites that can be measured quickly and accurately with a pair of skinfold calipers. Your measurements are then entered into a software program that calculates your body fat percentage, and correlates where you store excess body fat with your hormonal profile.

How can we help you lose weight fast or improve your strength training?

Hormonal imbalances are often the cause of where you store that body fat and other health concerns including:

Bad sleep

Low energy level

Impaired cognitive functions

Belly fat


Weight loss Fat loss

Bad sleep

Low energy level

Impaired cognitive functions

Belly fat
Weight loss
Fat loss

For example, if you have excess body fat around your love handles, insulin is the problem. If you have excess body fat in the front of your abs, the problem is cortisol (stress hormone). Excess body fat on the thighs is associated with high estrogen levels (toxicity or the ability to eliminate toxins from the environment).

Elite Coaching will address these imbalances based on your unique biochemistry in order to fine-tune your body composition and improve your overall well-being by providing recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle, natural health supplements and weight training by burning fat in problem areas.

It is a safe, easy, natural and extremely effective solution to help you
to understand how to lose body fat in the most problematic areas, to optimize your health and ultimately a better quality of life!

Clients commonly report less belly fat, better mental clarity, better sleep quality, better energy and improved mood.

The BioSignature

What is it? It is exclusive to Elite Coaching and is used to assess your hormonal type and adjust your training plan for a restored state of health, quickly.

Whether you are a professional athlete, CEO or a stay-at-home mom looking to get in shape to maximize fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance, mental clarity and energy, our approach will help you maximize your results.

The < BioSignature approach > is our secret weapon for producing real and noticeable results quickly. Our clients often see results in as little as two weeks! Each of our clients is re-evaluated on a regular basis to track success and see how the body is responding to continue to progress towards your goal. We will be able to assess how much fat mass you have lost, how much lean muscle mass you have gained, and that your health is being restored.

Best of all, you can do all of this without resorting to dangerous fat loss supplements, hours of aerobic training or unhealthy diet plans!

Maximize your potential by optimizing your hormonal profile.

How can our personal trainers provide you with a personalizedtraining program that will bring results quickly?

Your second appointment will consist of a physical movement assessment (60 min) to analyze how your body moves. This will allow your personal coach to understand what you can do physically, what you can’t do physically, and why.

We offer 2 different types of evaluation so that you get the tests you need for your fitness level.

We will evaluate your :
Mobility, flexibility, strength, posture, structural balance (muscle balance)
muscle fiber type and neurotransmitter profile

Our method takes out all the guessing of designing your customized training program because we will know exactly what you can do, what you cannot do today, and why. As a result, you can have the best personal training program tailored to your health and fitness goals and current abilities.

Once your weight training program has been designed by your coach, and approved within the team, you will begin your personal training sessions with your personal coach. You can expect to have a brand new workout program designed for you every 3 to 4 weeks to help you progress towards your ultimate goal.

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