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The breakfast of champions!

23 Jun, 2020

The breakfast of champions!

I’ve applied this.

Our clients have applied this.

What is it?

A breakfast made up of animal proteins and healthy fats.

Yes, that’s right.

Meat for breakfast.

When I say meat, I mean any animal protein found in my Big Fat List of Fat Fighting Foods.

Here some examples:

Protein Fat Veg
Steak Butter for cooking + 1 handful cashews Fried tomato
White fish Butter for cooking + 1 handful pecans optional
Eggs Butter for cooking peppers

Cereal is for kids.

Not for adults.

If I had kids, they wouldn’t be eating cereal out of box for breakfast that’s for sure. In fact, milk and cereal for breakfast was popularized in the Canada food guide many decades ago to make farmers more money.

There’s no logical reason to eat transformed food that comes in a box. It’s simply not healthy.

If you’re reading this there’s a good chance that you want to lose fat and you’re eating some sort of cereal for breakfast.

Why should the first meal of the day be that different than the other meals? …think about it…

Changing your breakfast is probably the biggest change you can make and the hardest to integrate, but this is where you should begin.

I remember when I started this about 10 years ago, I sometimes couldn’t stomach my bison steak for breakfast, so I’d go to my plan B – eggs and ham or something easy like that. That’s pretty easy for most people to do. If you’re already eating eggs for breakfast, then the rest will come easy.

Food for thought:

Eating eggs increases acetylcholine. A neurotransmitter that helps with cognitive focus and clarity of mind. A quick thinker.

Eating red meat increases dopamine. A neurotransmitter that helps give you drive to attack the tasks at hand for the day.

The latter two options are ideal for body composition (fat loss) and productivity.

Even our clients who genetically do better on carbs have found that this kind of breakfast is ideal for fat loss.

Who wants Fruit Loops now? ?

Remember this; if your food is boring it’s because you made it that way.

All you need is a little creativity to make your own delicious breakfast of champions ?

Experiment and think outside the box – literally!

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