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Training for optimal body composition

30 Sep, 2020

Training for optimal body composition is training that is targeted for fat loss and building muscle. When training with such a goal it is important to take into consideration Time Under Tension (TUT). This is defined as the duration in the number of seconds of a desired working set. 

Let’s use the following example:

Executing a squat for 15 repetitions with no particular tempo. The down phase of the movement may be in approximately 1 second and up in 1 second. That’s 2 seconds per repetition for a total TUT of 30 seconds.

However, if you want to optimize physical transformations you need to be above 40 seconds of continuous work to generate sufficient lactate (A.K.A. lactic acid). Ideally above 45 seconds.

At Elite Coaching we could program a squat for fat loss for 15 reps with a tempo of 3 seconds down and 1 second up, totaling 60 seconds of work! 

Think of the logic!

The latter example is double the duration of the first example! I can promise you that your legs will be on fire from the production of lactate if the weight has been chosen correctly.

Lactate is simply a waste product produced by the muscles due to the lack of oxygen being used for muscle contractions of a certain TUT which causes a burning feeling in the muscles resulting in increased growth hormone. This helps to burn fat and build muscle. Such accumulation of lactate can cause mild nausea. In fact, if you’re training for fat loss and you’re not regularly reaching any kind of nausea then you’re not optimizing your workouts. Please note that getting too much nausea can cause you to vomit – that would be going too far. You must learn to manage your workouts to get in the ‘sweet spot’ where you get the burn and some nausea without going too far. This lactate zone (when it burns) is also the ideal zone to build muscle. However, the nutrition and training frequency needs to be personalized to build muscle and burn fat. Simply following a weight training program isn’t enough to get results.

Now you know that repetitions don’t mean much if TUT isn’t taken into consideration for your physical transformation. This is another reason why personal training is optimal for results as we can take many factors into consideration for your physical transformation.

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